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Why Choose Organic Foods?

  • Health: Consumers want to minimize their exposure to pesticides and toxic chemicals, irradiated and genetically modified foods.
  • Food Safety: Consumers are concerned about the negative effects of conventional intensive agriculture including water contamination, mad cow and hoof & mouth diseases, as well as the use of genetically engineered organisms. Organic production mitigates the negative impacts of conventional production.
  • Nutrition: Organic foods are high in nutrition since they are grown on healthy, well balanced soil and are harvested at the peak of ripening.
  • Taste: Organic foods taste great! People continue to buy organic foods because of the taste.
    Environmental Sustainability: Organic foods are produced using environmentally friendly methods and materials. Organic production also promotes plant and animal biodiversity.
  • Animal Welfare: Animals used in organic production are raised in conditions that promote health and limit stress. They eat organic feed which does not include animal by-products.